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Weather during your visit

Parakou is characterized by the tropical humid soudanian climate with an average annual rainfall of 1200 mm. The lowest average annual temperature is recorded between December-January whilst the maximum occurs between July, August and September. Rains take place from May to October and the dry season occurs from November to April. September is one of the rainiest month in the region. The first half of September is likely to have an average of 2-3 rains per week. The rains are often preceded by wind. The temperature in rather moderated (25 and 26 ° C). The city receives high insolation. Sunrise around 06:00 O’Clock a.m. and set at around 06:30 O’Clock p.m. Day duration is almost the same throughout the year.

If you are planning to take part to the excursion, you are recommended to get raincoat. Heavy and warm clothes are note necessary.