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Medicinal mushrooms and bioactivity in tropical African fungi

It is well known that fungi represent a potential source of biologically active compounds with immune-modulating, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-diabetic, and anticancer activities. The therapeutic effect of fungi is attributed to the presence of numerous active compounds in their fruit bodies. Reportedly, about 182 fungal species with therapeutic/medicinal properties (including numerous anti-infective activities) have been reported worldwide, with China ranking top one in term of mycotherapy. Tropical African fungi are predicted to provide novel bioactive metabolites of remarkable pharmaceutical and industrial significance. This prediction is supported by some ethnomycological investigations that reported on various medicinal fungi commonly used for therapeutic purposes. Numerous species are frequently used in some countries as dietary supplements and medicinal foods.

The present subtopic welcomes any presentation (oral talks or poster) that addresses chemical composition of tropical African fungi and the significance in the taxonomy of fungi. The subtopic represent a forum of exchange on results of bio-prospection within tropical African taxa, related to methods and technics, facilities, competences and laboratories active on the continent. Feel free to submit any abstract connected to the chemistry, enzymatic activities and screening of secondary metabolites within tropical fungi with strong application emphases.